725 HP 2020 F-150 for $40,695!

This SVT Lightning inspired monster starts with:

2020 2WD XL Sport 5.0L F-150 Regular Cab

2.9L Gen 3 Whipple or ROUSH Performance Supercharger

725 horsepower Whipple or 650 HP ROUSH 

Package includes all parts, install and tuning

 LET'S BUILD YOUR TRUCK! Just fill out the contact card and a member of our Performance Team will reach out!

Why Whipple? Whipple has built a very solid name in the Ford Performance world through years. They have done this by offering great performance and very reliable power. They have teamed up with Ford and Shelby America for several projects including the new Cobra Jet and Shelby Mustang. 
The Truck: While we wanted to offer an amazing deal on this package, we didn't bolt this supercharger onto your average work truck (we will if you want us to though). This is a 2020 Ford F-150 XL Sport. It has color matched bumpers, 17″ wheels, fog lamps, SYNC Bluetooth technology and more! We figured this would be a pretty awesome canvas for some custom builds. (Not your style? See below)

What if you want more? The sky is the limit. We've said this a million times but if you can imagine it, we can and will build it. Need 4X4? No problem! Need a crew cab? No problem! Want more options? No problem! We can start with any F-150 and completely customize it in any way that you'd like. We offer custom wheels, street/off-road tires, paint, wraps, suspension, superchargers and anything else that you could possibly want to do. Through our current partners, we have over 65,000 performance parts at our disposal. LET'S BUILD YOUR TRUCK! Just fill out a contact form and a member of our team will reach out!


What about the warranty? If any damage was done to Ford's power train as a direct result of this upgrade, that repair would not be covered by Ford. However, Ford's warranty is still in tact for any non-related defects. For the gap in engine-warranty coverage, Whipple offers an ($795 extra cost) optional 3 year, 36,000 mile warranty to cover components that Ford would not if damage was caused as a result of the supercharger. Reach out to a Performance Specialist for more information!

Whipple OR ROUSH? As impressive as Whipple is, very few brands have established a partnership with Ford Motor Company as strong as ROUSH Performance. Luckily for us, we offer both! Our Whipple build leads the charge with the impressive 725 horsepower number, but for the same price, we offer a ROUSH Supercharged version that makes 650 horsepower and 600 lb-ft of torque backed by an included 3 year 36,000 mile warranty and one of the most prestigious names in all of automotive engineering. It's all preference but if you ask us, ROUSH is the best balance of performance and reliability. 

No matter what your performance goals are, Beechmont Ford Performance is the answer!

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