Beechmont Ford Performance has been on a roll as the fastest growing Performance Dealership in the Mid-West! We have built Supercharged Mustang's and F-150's for people all over the United States. As popular as our 775 HP Mustang for $42,995 and 725 HP F-150 for $39,995 have been, we decided that it was time to venture into uncharted territory.

Is buying a Nitrous-equipped, purpose-built drag car crossing the line for a Ford dealer? Maybe. But hey, "You Imagine. We Build."

What's Included: Of course, we will custom build your car on what ever platform that you'd like. Premium, base, fastback, convertible, manual or the all-new 10R80 automatic. From there, the sky is the limit but here is what we've included in our BFP Drag Pak:

1) Nitrous Outlet Plate Kit

2) Remote Bottle Opener

3) Win Max WOT Switch And Nitrous Controller

4) S550 Sunglass Holder Switch Panel

5) Steeda Ultimate Stop The Hop Kit

6) DSS 800 HP Rated Half Shafts

7) Billet Oil Pump Gear & Crank Sprocket

8) Viking Rear Double-Adjustable Warrior Shocks

9) Steeda Drag Springs

10) Race Star Dark Star Wheels

11) MT Street SS 305/45/17's

Warranty: The car will still come with full warranty on all of the Ford components. However, if there were a failure due to racing, abuse or any modifications outside of Ford Motor Company, their warranty would not cover those parts or any failure associated with those parts.

Pricing: We offer the same great discounts on this build that we do on our supercharged builds. With our track focused customers, we prefer to build each quote to their unique specifications. The BFP Drag Pak starts at: $47,995

Your perfect build: Our concept has always been the same. "You Imagine. We Build." The BFP Drag Pak is the minimum spec that we recommend if you truly plan to track your car. However, we will absolutely build your car to your spec. We will discuss your goals and help build a game plan to accomplish those goals. There are no limits.

Why? So, why would we build a brand new car that sits on the showroom floor with a Nitrous bottle in the trunk? It's fun. That's why.

Let's BUILD YOURS today!

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