The More Convenient Ford Escape

There are a number of reasons why the Ford Escape remains one of the most popular compact SUVs in the country. The vehicle is more economical to drive compared to larger models. The smaller size also makes the Escape easier to handle. But Ford did not stop there. The manufacturer recently added new features that make the SUV more convenient. Visit our Cincinnati, OH Beechmont Ford location, see the new Escape and go for a drive.

Whether going shopping or venturing forth on vacation, the Escape provides an abundance of storage space. Fold down one or both rear seats and double the amount of cargo the SUV holds. Approach the vehicle with your hands full. Simply tap under the rear bumper with a foot and the tailgate opens automatically.

The center console boasts more room for holding beverages, CDs, a camera, smartphone or other personal items. Backing up is now safer thanks to the rearview camera that displays the area behind the Ford Escape.

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