Cold weather, wind and snowy or icy roads have the potential for causing hazards. A vehicle may slide off the road or stall, which leaves the occupants stranded. Having a survival kit ready in advance ensures the safety and well-being of all. If in the market for a new vehicle, visit our Beechmont Ford location. Find a car, SUV or pickup that suits personal needs, and take a test drive.

All vehicles should have spare tires, jacks and a warning device. Battery charging cables, a flashlight and a first aid kit are necessities. Take at least three days worth of routine medications. Carry a charging cable to keep mobile devices powered. Include a bag of kitty litter or sand and a small shovel to free a stuck vehicle.

Pack blankets and a set of warm clothing. Take bottled water or juices and some type of nonperishable snack items along. Consider packing a multi-purpose tool, a tow rope or cable.


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