Under the hood of the Ford Edge

When it comes to performance, you want to make sure that your new SUV can handle what the road throws at it. You also need to make sure that it looks good while going down the road as well. Our team here at Beechmont Ford in Cincinnati, OH is here to help match you with your next new vehicle and is excited to introduce this popular midsize SUV.

The ST badging on the Ford Edge ST brands this SUV as the first SUV designed by the Ford Performance Team. As with every good performance vehicle, you start with what's under the hood. Under the hood of the Edge ST are 335 horsepower and up to 380 lb-ft of torque under your fingertips.

This 2.7L EcoBoost engine doesn't stop there. It's built from a graphite iron engine block with aluminum heads that make it both compact and light to make it both efficient and powerful.

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