The Ford F-150 Has Smart Features for Commercial Projects

The Ford F-150 has a variety of features that benefit a typical construction worker. These features are easy to access, and they could reduce the time that it takes to complete most projects.

Flexible is required in a construction zone because new developments may increase the need for different tools and supplies. The Ford F-150 has a convenient tool for these situations, and it's called the BoxLink system. You can configure this system with ease throughout a project. When the F-150 needs better illumination, you can activate the box lights, which have LED bulbs.

At Beechmont Ford, you can test most of the F-150 smart cargo features. For example, while visiting our lot, you could hop on the F-150's tailgate step to test its stability. Some of the toughest features must be tested in work environment, such as the loading ramps. However, the performance components can be tested on the road during a test drive. By working with us, you can easily test drive a new or used F-150 around Cincinnati.



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