Can we all just take a moment to lavish extensive praise upon the righteous Ford Flex? If you pause to truly think about it, you’ll come to the inevitable conclusion that this trendsetting go-getter hardly receives enough credit for ushering an unbelievable interval of automotive convenience. For a mainstream full-size SUV, this gallant beast is uncannily innovative.

In spite of serious robustness, this peerless chariot is a sweet blend between swift and stylish. To muster a phenomenal sense of direction, the automaker dutifully provides Navigation with SiriusXM Traffic and Travel Link. Thanks to this brilliantly attractive interface, enlightened mapping methodologies will prevent you from ever getting lost in the Cincinnati, OH vicinity again.

Roominess is another primary enticement, and unprecedented versatility is fostered by the sleek foldable rows of seating. Just tell Beechmont Ford that you’re interested in the 83.2 cubic-feet of cargo space, and the test drive will be planned accordingly.

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